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As an award winning interior designer, Irina MacPhee knows that the key to good design is held by the client. For Irina, designing spaces is all about the possibility of living life well; improving the quality of life.
Working as your visionary and advocate, Irina provides assistance with design decisions involving both small and large spaces. Irina has helped transform and decorate homes on both the East and West Coasts. Selection of fabrics, furniture, window treatments, and accessories can often make the difference between a house and a beautiful home that offers the best environment for each client.
In the spirit of the lifestyle she promotes, Irina designed and developed The Cape Cod Collection™, a signature line of upholstery and wood furniture offered at Pastiche of Cape Cod and through design professionals. Each piece captures the spirit of a casual-elegant lifestyle and is bench made in America.
Irina often consults with residential and commercial clients on Cape Cod, the Islands, Boston, Newport, and throughout New England. Visit our Cape Cod showrooms or schedule an in-home design consultation with Irina.

Irina MacPhee's Biography

Irina MacPhee's education in design began in the early stages of her childhood. The daughter of a textile merchant and avid antique collector, Irina was well-traveled, schooled in both Europe and the U.S.. Taught at an early age to appreciate art, beauty, color, form and function. She and her family spent many summer days enjoying the beaches of Cape Cod.  It was these fond memories and Irina's love of the sea that inspired her to choose the Cape as the home of her interior design studio, Pastiche of Cape Cod.
Irina started her business for one reason, she's passionate about creating. Her design firm is her outlet for expression of that very natural spirit. "If you're a creative person, you have a passion to always create.  I think about what is possible, not about what isn't.  What can you make? What can you transform?"   
Irina loves inspiring people to live life well, that doesn't necessarily mean expensive.  Living life well is about feeding the soul. Some of the most valuable things in life are free. Filling a house with things you love empowers you to love your home and live well in it. This is a journey that is uniquely you and will carry different price tags.  Irina understands that it's the experiences that make up our lives. She is dedicated to improving the quality of life by designing spaces that suit each client's unique style and needs.
If you would like to schedule an appointment with Irina, call us at 508-362-8006 or email us.


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Working with irina and the design team at Pastiche was a pleasure. We purchased our life-time home with the intent to update it over time. With many projects on the table we had a very specific budget in mind. Our goal was to completely furnish our main entrance, formal living room and formal dining room. We wanted a home that elegant and functional. Iria carefully listened to our tastes and needs and beautifully completed the task with in our budget. We are very pleased with the pieces that she chode and feel hat they are unique and a true reflection of who are as a family. We look forward to completing the rest of our home with Irina and the team at Pastiche!!!



Irina of Pastiche helped me design a new interior for our living room, dining area and bathroom for our chatham vacation home. The house was built in 1986 and we had done major renovations after recently purchasing the home but had not nailed down our interior design. I started redecorating but hit a wall - I just couldn't piece it all together. Irina was able to do that for me. She listened to what i wanted, worked with her team to bring me alternatives to look at, and timed it for when i was available (I live off cape). Irina 'transformed'nour home. We wanted a casual but classy look and that is what we have. We now have that WOW factor! Irina's knowledge and depth of experience made my decision making easy. She and her staff were amazing to work with and professional from start to finish! I highly recommend pastiche as an interior design company!



Irrina MacPhee and her team at pastiche provided interior design at our "new" antique sea captain's home in chatham, built in 1853 - and the result is nothing short of stunning!! Keeping in mind the history of the home, and balancing that with our desire for a fresh seaside feel, they transormed rooms from "dated" and "tired" to airy yet histric, incorporating our favorite antiques, collectibles and art from our prior home as much as possible. Irina's vision as to the final product was amazing. It's almost though she could read my mind.



My wife and I were building our dream home on the ocean. We were introduced to Irina by our architect. From our initial conversation throughout the entire process, Irina and her Team were amazing! She continually emphasized it was important to her to know us and by doing so she'd be able to create our "dream" home. Our architect and builder constructed an amazing palate for Irina to work her magic. My wife and I had previously worked with a designer in Florida and I found it to be a tedious and painstaking process. With Irina and her Team, it was remarkably easy, fun, and relatively quick. She has an uncanny ability to transform words to design. Our home was a little over 3000 sf and she was tasked with the entire house. Appliances, lighting, furniture, accessories, and flooring. She was involved in every aspect of the finish work with the builder. Irina would send us pictures of everything and ultimately the final selection was ours. But, amazingly, time after time she nailed it. We elected her "white glove" service, which was strikingly similar to the reveals you see on the Home Channel. Her Team spent five days assembling the furnishings and accessories once the builder finished. Irina's reveal was nothing short of magical! Meeting us at the door with our preferred libation we entered our new home. Our eyes were treated to a display that so far exceeded our wildest imagination. It was the proverbial "Wow" moment! Through tears we were led by Irina from room to room and floor to floor. Each room was unique and fantastically appointed. Once our magical mystery tour ended, we noticed that she had assembled a a wonderful assortment of food for us as we were spending our first night in our beautiful new home. No stone left unturned! As I write this review it is now Thanksgiving, three months after our "reveal." Irina and her Team are still following up and ensuring that everything continues to be perfect. What began as a business relationship has evolved into familial. We couldn't be more pleased, more thrilled, and more thankful to Irina for creating the quintessential dream home for now and future generations of our family!