Irina MacPhee's Biography

Irina MacPhee's education in design began in the early stages of her childhood. The daughter of a textile merchant and avid antique collector, Irina was well-traveled, schooled in both 

Europe and the U.S., and taught at an early age to appreciate art, beauty, color, form and function. She and her family spent many summer days enjoying the beaches of Cape Cod.  It was these fond memories and Irina’s love of the sea that inspired her to choose the Cape as the home of her interior decorating and interior design studio Pastiche of Cape Cod.

Irina started her business for one reason, she’s passionate about creating. Her design firm is her outlet for expression of that very natural spirit. “If you’re a creative person, you have a passion to always create.  I think about what is possible, not about what isn’t.  What can you make? What can you transform?”   

Irina loves inspiring people to live life well, that doesn’t necessarily mean expensive.  Living life well is about feeding the soul. Some of the most valuable things in life are free. Filling a house with things you love empowers you to love your home and live well in it. This is a journey that is uniquely you and will carry different price tags.  Irina understands that it’s the experiences that make up our lives. She is dedicated to improving the quality of life by designing spaces that suit each client’s unique style and needs.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Irina, visit, or call 508-362-8006.  Be sure to follow Irina on her blog at to watch Webisodes and how-to videos, learn designer tips and tricks, trends, news, recipes, share your stories, and learn more about how to express your passions and creativity.